Sunday, August 6, 2017

How to Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life Decoding Your Energetic Signature

Astrological basics--signs, planets, houses, aspects--and pulls them together in a step-by-step strategy for synthesis that anyone can learn. One of the most popular texts for beginning the study of astrology, the book has received praise by professional astrology teachers as well as celebrities such as Sting and Robert Downey Jr. Readers will learn an approach to astrology that is positive and affirming, and which celebrates human diversity, in the style of Evolutionary Astrology  is a course in basic astrology for the curious alchemist. 


 This gives you the power to unlock your astrological blueprint and take the power of the stars into your own hands. As a part of this book, you gain access to a secret cheat sheet that helps you master the qualities of each zodiac sign with ease. You will learn how to plot your own natal chart,  the energetic signatures of the zodiac signs and how to apply them to your big three: your sun, moon and rising signs.

The Inner Sky takes the reader on a journey into the astrology of freedom and choice, where we discover the interplay of celestial influence and free will, and the magic that we all can find there. If you have ever dabbled in astrology, asked someone about their sign or wanted to know how to understand your astrological blueprint,  Inner Sky make it accessible for you to learn and understand the power of the stars! Learn More

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